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Pyromania - A Tribute To Def Leppard

Pyromania™ was created in the fall of 2001 by 5 guy's who felt the time was right to recreate possibly the most popular band of the 80's. It's no surprise there are but only a small handful of Def Leppard tribute bands in the world and only one who can bring the entire experience to life with true authenticity - Pyromania. Simply put, Def Leppard's music is remarkably difficult to recreate live because their studio recordings contain hundreds of layers of guitars and vocal harmonies. Pyromania, however has five accomplished band members who are equally adept singers. Blessed with outstanding vocal abilities, you'll be astounded at Pyromania's ability to recreate the signature Def Leppard sound. They'll make you believe you are really watching a Def Leppard show, from the first note until the last.

Pyromania consists of savvy veterans of the music industry who are not only excellent musicians, but outstanding showmen. Michael Omara is entertaining in his excellent creation of Joe Elliott, both visually and vocally. You will believe you are hearing the voice of a young Joe Elliott. Lead Guitarists’ Neal Shelton and Ladia Kinakin will astound you with accurate recreations of the famous "Terror Twin" riffs we've all come to know and love. And they do it through vintage Marshall amplification punctuated by excellent backup vocals and superb costuming. Bassist Adam Kury provides the bass thunder and excellent visual and vocal recreation of Rick Savage. Building the solid base is Derrick Pontier, who on drums provides near perfect duplication of the "ThunderGod" himself, as well as excellent backup vocals. Combined, the entire band not only plays accurate renditions of the classic and present Def Leppard songs, but they also sing all of the harmonies "LIVE". In fact it was their fans who dubbed Pyromania the "ULTIMATE" Def Leppard Experience.

Pyromania has toured all around the US, from LA to Seattle, Milwaukee and Chicago, Texas to Puerto Rico with no signs of stopping. They have headlined festivals with crowd attendance as large as 10,000+. They have also been hired to perform for KOMP radio in Las Vegas & KCAL radio in Redlands for their annual "Keggar Party's". Though the band calls Los Angeles home, you can be sure they will travel the world to share the awesome experience of what Def Leppard was like live in the 80's, 90's and today! We’re not “foolin'” you, these guys are awesome!

If you want the most exciting, memorable and realistic recreation of Def Leppard, and truly want to step back in time, there can be only "The ULTIMATE Def Leppard Experience" - - PYROMANIA!

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