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Space Oddity

The Martians have landed.

They've been living among us for many years now. The first visitation was back in 1972, when the Starman himself, David Bowie fell to Earth and began mesmerizing audiences worldwide with his legendary "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars" stage show. Now, some twenty-odd years later, it's happening again. This time in a slightly different form.

Reports have it that David Brighton, a Young American singer/guitarist, who says no one would talk to him in school because he dressed like an early '70's English rocker, has received a vision from the Great Beyond. Awakened to the fact that he is not of this world, Brighton has assembled a most brilliant, if not slightly eccentric, group of musicians to embark with him on a musical odyssey through time and space. It isn't exactly the Second Coming, it's SPACE ODDITY, an uncanny recreation of the music and the magic of British pop phenomenon David Bowie, one of rock music's most influential, outrageous and enigmatic performers.

Before receiving the revelation of his true identity, that of a space invader sent to Earth on a mission to enlighten a new generation - Brighton enjoyed the hysteria that went along with performing worldwide portraying former Beatle, George Harrison. Since the mid 1990's, Brighton has toured internationally with the original Broadway cast of "Beatlemania," "1964 (The Tribute)," "The Fab Four," "Beatlemania Live!," "Classical Mystery Tour," and "Twist And Shout (The Ultimate Beatles Revue)." After hearing numerous fans and friends comment for some time that his vocal quality and appearance were curiously reminiscent of Brit rock legend David Bowie, Brighton's eyes were opened.

Night after night, while mere mortal earthlings slept unknowingly after the mundane events of the day, Brighton was answering the call, tirelessly working and planning, rehearsing his all star band in secret behind closed doors... until now.

This is the Dawning. The much anticipated, wildly electrifying stage production known as SPACE ODDITY is here. Spanning the gamut of Bowie's constantly metamorphosing career, Brighton and his Alien Host deliver every song with all of the chameleon like intensity of the original.

Band Members:

Zachary Throne: guitar/vocals

No, that isn't Christina Aguilera who's blistering guitar solos the crowd is screaming for... The young man wielding the blonde Les Paul doing such an amazing job impersonating Bowie's most celebrated lead guitarist, Mick Ronson, is none other than actor/musician, Zachary Throne. It wasn't too long ago that Throne left New York City and came to the City Of The Angels to star in movies and television shows such as "Beverly Hills 90210," "the Heights" and "the Meatloaf Story." Demonstrating a passion for music that rivaled his love of acting, the multi-talented Throne's impressive abilities as a guitarist and vocalist opened the doors for him to parlay an already successful acting career into a successful musical career as well. Throne toured internationally with such pop/rock greats as ex-Bangle, Susanna Hoffs and hit singer/song writer/teen idol, Jamie Walters, before finding an avenue where he could utilize all of his talents simultaneously. As Bowie's charismatic, guitar riffing foil, Throne is able to draw from all of his experience as an actor/musician to recreate the peroxide blonde half of the legendary Bowie/Ronson partnership with stunning authenticity.

Jason Harrison Smith: drums/background vocals

Finding an instrumentalist able to recapture the various styles of a multitude of talents who have contributed to a body of work as peculiarly eclectic, yet uniformly excellent, as David Bowie's was no small task. From Bowie's best dance floor soul grooves and techno-pop mega-hits to his ground shaking rock and roll anthems, Jason Smith knocks them all out with equal precision... "He's quite possibly not of this Earth..." Brighton says of his illustrious drummer. "He can play like anyone...and make you believe you're hearing the original..." Smith's list of credits read like a who's who of the music industry, being lengthier than we have time to recount. Let's just say the boy can play...people know it and even Unbelievers dare not question whether or not the shape shifting drummer is of human origin. Clearly he's different; he's one of Them. One of Brighton's Alien Host.

Tim Kobza: guitar/keyboards/background vocals

"My first lessons were from a nun at my school…" says Kobza (or the Tone Man, as Brighton calls him). It's hard to imagine any nun teaching the young guitarist how to play some of the wildly frenetic solos Tim is famous for performing today in SPACE ODDITY… Particularly his note for note renditions of Robert Fripp's insanely whacked out, six string hysterics on "Fashion" and Stevie Ray Vaughn's immortalized, Texas blues riffing on "Let's Dance" and "China Girl." But Tim is a guy who is full of surprises... being an established Rock and Jazz artist, a studio player and sideman, playing music all over the world, who not only plays a wide variety of styles on guitar, but also produces, composes, and is a part time instructor at USC. A man definitely not of this world. Mortals need sleep… a word that apparently is not in Kobza's vocabulary.

Shane Soloski: bass/background vocals

Not unlike his long time friend and band mate, Zach Throne, Shane left New York a few years back to make his way to the Land of Promise - namely Los Angeles. The industrious Mr. S. quickly made a name for himself on the LA scene as an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist, via his writing, recording and producing for "Blue," one of LA's hottest bands.
Upon hearing the news of an opening in the SPACE ODDITY line-up, the visionary bassist immediately realized that he'd been pre-ordained for the job and told Brighton he was ready to be abducted by Aliens. Shane's now legendary portrayal of the original "Spiders From Mars" bassist, Trevor Bolder, is just one more reason true believers will tell you they've left their old ways behind and come to know the Light.

Tuesday Knight: background vocals/percussion

Tuesday Knight left a recording contract with CBS records in 1989 to pursue acting with phenomenal success. She has appeared in more than a dozen films, starring opposite some of Hollywood's most prominent stars - including Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Bacon and Alicia Silverstone. Beginning with the lead in "A Nightmare on Elm Street IV," and most recently co-starring with Billy Bob Thornton in the soon to be released "Daddy And Them," Tuesday has not only welcomed playing a variety of different roles but has also contributed songs to several of the film's soundtracks.

People often tell Tuesday that she strongly resembles Madonna. In fact, Madonna herself hand picked the young actress to portray the mega star/pop diva in a film version of the Madonna Story.
But enough about acting and on to how Tuesday's life was changed forever... After being invited by a friend to see Space Oddity perform at Hollywood's world famous House Of Blues last year, Tuesday's mission was clear. After the show, Brighton received word that Tuesday wanted to sing with him. "We really hit it off..." David said later. "We all fell in love with her and she's been working with us ever since..."

Larry Treadwell: guitar/keyboards/background vocals

Legend has it that the renowned Jackson Guitar Company had just endorsed Treadwell when he decided to "customize" the hand made Stratocaster that Jackson had given him. He proceeded to cut the guitar's horns off with a handsaw and then "refinished" the instrument with some wallpaper from his grandmother's dining room. Once the folks at Jackson saw the "improvements" their new endorsee had made, they were horrified and dropped him from their roster. The guitarist's gift for the unconventional paid off however, at an audition for the lead guitar slot in '80's techno popster Thomas Dolby's band. The ever-experimenting Treadwell walked in with his "customized" Stratocaster and with his effects pedals built into Starkist Tuna cans and had barely played a note when an impressed Dolby hired him on the spot. As for the SPACE ODDITY band, Treadwell was the perfect choice. The reasons are obvious.

The rumors were true. They're here. The Martians have landed and they're coming to your town. Be ready.

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