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The Band Members

Richard " the King of Swing" with his Bari Sax!

Richard is the leader and the Heart Soul of the band! He formed the band in 1978 as the Belair's! Back then we were  a 50's and 60's Rock and Roll band! We only had 5 members! In the late 80's Richard put together a horn section to give the band a new powerful sound! When you would walk in anywhere the band was playing and hear the music it would just blow your mind! All you wanted to do was" Dance! Dance! Dance!"  In the 90's Richard changed the name of the band to Johnny Rocket & the Rhythm Pilot's! The band was on the move and had a  tight sound!  Richard wanted a new sound, and he found it! "The hot sound of "Swing"  Now that we have found our  new sound, we also found our new name Swing Shift  With Richard's Bari Sax & the Prince of Wail's Trumpet and the rest of the boy's & Gal's in the band we now have a Swinging sound that we know you will enjoy!

Jack Stone the Prince of Wail's

Jack joined the band in the early 80's and has been the back bone of writing and charting all the band's music! Jack is the only other member of the band that has been through it all with Richard! Jack's sound on the Trumpet is like one you have never heard! We call Jack the Prince of Wail's and his  horn scream's!

Our Sultry sax man!!

Ron Bell on Tenor sax!! Ron has a sound that just smokes when he plays! Ron was the musical Director for the Coasters and the Shirelles and we are proud to have him in our horn section!! Ron plays the harp when he is called on and he wails!!!

"Wailin" Marc on Tenor Bari

Marc is our latest find and he really ad's a lot to our horn section! He plays the sax like he was born with it! Marc and his sax can put on a show like they have been doing it for 50 years!!

Our Swingin Lead singer

Lawrence has a real sweet soul voice, and when you hear him sing  you just want to join in with him! Born and raised in New York! Singing on street corners just to pass the time away! His style of singing is the hottest!!! His solo performances include: opening for Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, the Miracles and various artist!!!

Hugh our rhythm Machine!

Hugh has just signed on with the band! He can really kick on his skins! Once Hugh lays down the beat, it stays right in the grove till the tune is over!

"Smokin"Neal on Keys!!

Smokin Neal is new with the band and his style of playing blends in with all the boys in the band! ( He is the Greatest!!! ) When Neal is playing he is in a world of his own!! If you want to see a real key board player watch him when we are playing!!!

Marty on strings!!!

Marty is a "hot and wild" guitar player! Marty's style is just like Brian Setzer! We are so glad to have him in the band! He is a blast to play with!!!

Gregg the bass man!!

Gregg plays a mean upright bass and really kicks with our drummer! Gregg is well know in the music world for his powerful grove!! He is one "Swingin" cat!!!

Swing Shift

" Swing Shift " consists of a 4 piece horn section: Bari sax, Tenor sax, Alto sax & Trumpet. Our Rhythm section consists of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums & lead vocalist! We will swing you all night long! Our sound is one of the "hottest" swing sound's in California! 

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