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Jump, Jive and Wail

Ken Levine
Leader, Vocals, and Trombone

Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Food:
Bagels/Lox, Chinese Food, Pizza -- could live on these if necessary.

Favorite place to buy vintage clothes:

Ken has been involved in the Las Vegas entertainment scene since the early 90's.  Before that, nobody really knows what he did.  He create the band after a local bandleader advised him to start his own band.  The details behind this advice are still sketchy at this time, but one this is certain; without question, Ken has founded the permier Swing band in Vegas.

Chief Sanchez
Trumpet, Vocals, and Johnny Carson

First Appeared:
Santa Fe, NM

Resides at:
Ze Tejas Grill, Las Vegas, NV

Arguably the world's most prolific emptier of liquor miniatures.

Chief is the son of virtuoso musician parents and has been a working professional since the age of ten, playing with a Who's Who of industry giants.  Perfectly at home in his electric purple suits, Chief has become an A-list Vegas performer, who's talents are showcased in JJW's on-stage antics.

Michael Gurciullo
Lead Trumpet, Vocals

Omaha, NE

Da Gooch

Favorite Drink:
Dirty Martini -- light on the Dirty, heavy on the Martini.

Gooch's resume of performances include Stan Kenton, Glen Miller Orchestra, and Guy Lombardo.  For several years, Gooch ran and conducted the big band at Clint Eastwood's place in Monterey, CA, before moving to Las Vegas as a much in demand hair model.

Bill Hoshal
Tenor Saxophone

Natural Habitat:
Pacific Northwest

Life's Work:
To be the premier Swing Native American Flautist

Haunting Question:
Why don't they make black and white Birkenstocks?

Classically trained on the Peruvian Bass Mediation flute, Bill spent several years as a musician and composer/arranger for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.  His professional background includes many notable performances in the jazz and "new-age" world.

Scott Griffiths
Alto and Baritone Saxophone

Hails from:
Queensland, Australia

Can you quote "Crocodile Dundee" for me?

Born to dance

Little is known about Scotty before he missed his plane back home and lost his job with the troupe Thunder from Down Under.  Discovered among "Thunder's" many talents was his ability to use the baritone saxophone as a percussion instrument.  It has proved invaluable in Latin numbers, and the chicks love it.

Richard Taylor
Guitar and Vocals

Waco, TX

$1,000 haircuts

"Who's David Koresh?"

Richard comes from a long tradition of Texas blues and Cajun swamp music.  The latter of which he is considered among the finest practitioners of the infamous "Gator-tail Stomp" dance.  He keeps a busy schedule including work with his own trio and mysterious disappearances during fire-alarms.

Brent Alverson
Acoustic Bass

Henderson, NV (No, really...he was!)

English Major (Honest folks!)

Brent Alvarado, a distinguished Cuban émigré

All joking aside, Brent's career has included stints as musical director for "HAIR", head of the bass department at Dick Grove School of Music, extensive studio work, and a founding member of the seminal rock group Chase.  Ever the scholar, Brent enjoys compiling lists of musical quotes from jazz solos throughout history, and categorizing according to appropriateness.

Todd Smith
Drums and Percussion

Born and Bred in:
Lincoln, NE

Collects vintage drumsticks

Prefers the company of small stuffed hares

Todd's versatility, musicianship, knowledge of East Indian tunings, and often mistaken sibling relationship to Chief Sanchez have made him a natural and valued addition to the band. Among his wide-ranging experiences as a session player in the Northwest and Midwest, Todd discovered the lost art of "stick-balancing," as taught to the masters on the plains of his native Nebraska.

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