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Dear Jerry...

"What a night of the "best" music and dancing you performed for us! Our friends and family are still talking about the evening, and your band."

Dolly & Merwyn

"Thank you for providing a wonderful quality musical production that enhanced the wedding of Connie and Dan. I appreciated the variety, and your organization/narration of the celebration activities. We are very grateful for your personal and professional expertise and caring."

Harvey & Elaine

"We are still talking with family and friends about the spectacular music that led to the 'best wedding on record.' Whenever we reflect on that special day, among the first things that comes to mind is the founds of your band and the vision of everyone crowding on the dance floor to be a part of the festive mood you helped to create. Not only did you meet our unique request of playing Latin, American and Jewish music all in one night, you played each portion to perfection."

Vanessa & Marty

"Bravo! The music you provided for Christine’s and Scott’s wedding was perfection. Everyone - young and old - enjoyed the selections. Music is the main factor in making or breaking a party. I would say ours was a huge success because of the great music."

Brenda & John

"My daughter’s choice in wanting you to play at her wedding was the best and most meaningful decision that was made. People never stopped dancing and stayed until you stopped playing. You knew just the right musical approach for a party of different generations. Most of my friends said that after they ate they never sat down again. I really feel that the warmth and certainly the fun of our wedding was because of you."


"...when you opened with "Pink Cadillac", the mood for the night was set. Everyone emptied onto the dance floor and the night was perfect...we attribute most of it to you. I’m positive that you created a much better evening than Jon Secada ever could have. Thank you for the wonderful wedding night."

Susan & Fred

"It has truly been both a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with you in planning such an event. The professionalism and expertise that you exemplified deserves recognition."

Mr. & Mrs. Ferrera

"It was a true pleasure working with you from start to finish. I think we both did a great job pleasing everyone. I got so many compliments on your band. You are a true mench."

Marlene & Michael

"You were everything dad said you would be - and more. Everyone loved you. You not only highlighted each highlight, but catered to everyone’s tastes as well. WOW! WHAT A BAND!"

Audrey & Sergio

"You and your band were outstanding. You had everyone dancing and a week later, our guests are still talking about what a great time they had."

Bobby & Ron

"The band was fantastic. The caterer, however, was a little upset because no one wanted to stop dancing long enough to eat! Thank you, again. We would gladly recommend your band to anyone."

Elissa & Bruce

"So many people commented on the band, and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, again."


"Our friends are still calling and commenting about our fabulous wedding, and particularly about our superb band! You kept smiles on all the guest’s faces and kept all of their feet moving. You certainly made our wedding the best."

Sandy & Harold

"Thank you so much for the gift of music. You played terrific and everyone enjoyed themselves."

Shay & Angel

How to Contact Us
Information Request Form
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