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Colour My World

In the late 60s one of the most creative bands of all time was formed. Based from the Midwest, Terry Kath, Robert Lamb and Peter Cetera were founding members of the band later known as Chicago Transit Authority.

Four decades later, the band is still impressing fans worldwide today as in the past.

Remembered by most from their song writing abilities as well as their talented line up of musicians.

Chicago is responsible for some of the best song sever written, standing the test of time with such songs as Saturday In The Park, Beginnings, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, Hard Habit To Break and many more.

Colour My World has taken great pride in reproducing the original true sound of Chicago.

Without any taped tracks or smoke and mirrors to enhance their live show, in other words they are dedicated to bring fans the true Chicago sound, putting the authentic touch to their show to where Chicago would be hard pressed to tell any difference.

Colour My World is truly an act you wont want to miss!

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