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T.W.'s Tribute to the Young James Brown

T.W., a Chicago native, has entertainment in his blood. Since a teen, he has been performing and electrifying audiences with his own style, showmanship, charisma and especially, his dance moves. In fact, he was so amazing during his shows, he was often called upon to entertain as other headliners...such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and of course, James Brown.

In his 20’s, T.W. realized that he had an excellent future as a performer, and began entering contests such as the Apollo, and other venues. Tony was actually crowned the Best Michael Jackson Entertainer, and asked to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, took an interest and liking to him, and today, T.W. continues to look up to Joe Jackson as a mentor and friend.

From that infamous day on Oprah, T.W.’s life changed. Soon, major entertainers such as James Brown himself, were calling on him for movie roles, to be stand-in, or to even back them with his band. James Brown saw T.W. perform, and was so impressed with his unique style and showmanship, he asked him to be in Tony Scott's Internet-only short film "Beat the Devil”. Additionally, at James Brown's behest, T.W. was personally selected by James Brown to portray the Young James Brown in "Funk Blast" movie ride that premiered in Seattle that same year.

But James Brown was not the only celebrity seeking T.W.’s talent; in fact, he was not only making a reputation for himself as a versatile singer who could harmonize with the best and belt out anything from Nat King Cole, Lou Rawls to Barry Manilow; T.W. was not only being recognized and awed for his unbelievable moves and grooves...
...such as moon-walking on his head, doing flips into splits, or spinning 4-5 times around like Michael Jackson. T.W. was being recognized by his own peers, celebrities and political leader, for his musical direction, musical composition and dedication to excellence...and to the community at large.

From doing benefits to help some of James Brown’s and his daughter’s personal favorite children’s charities, to developing his own cause, MAMA MUSIC (which stands for Music Any Mama Appreciates) where T.W. personally works with local schools, boys and girls clubs, YMCA’s to put instruments in kids’ hands and equip them with a sound and music studio), he has spent his entire career doing what he does best and doing it well, and helping others to reach their dreams.

Today, T.W. still performs like someone in his 20’s; he still does his FLIPS INTO SPLITS, he STILL WALKS ON HIS HEAD and HE STILL ENGAGES audiences ...young and old...with is on-stage magic.

“I’ve lived my dream,” said T.W., "I got to perform with Michael, and James Brown. Whatever else I do in my career is icing on the cake”. T.W.'s goal and mission, along with his life works are simple: “To keep James Brown’s legacy alive, and I'll do it to death and never retire...because I am The Hardest Working Man in Tribute to the Godfather, said T.W.

And that is the truth. From performing overseas in Japan, and the Netherlands at the North Sea Jazz Festival, he also toured Ireland, Sweden, Germany, London and the West Indies last year, to performing in major cities, doing festivals and working in local schools and non profits to fund MAMA MUSIC, T.W. is living up to that name, and in the process, adding to his national and international fan list.

“I have bands all over the world that I work with, but of course, my Godfather of Soul Band consists of several of the ORIGINAL MEMBERS JAMES BROWN Band, including Bootsy Collins, whom I just got off tour with last year,” said T.W. “Bootsy and I tore it up out there, and I make sure, my band is ready for anything and everything.

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